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Building bridges of good works and Good News between the Church and community.

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People are the Mission is a ministry arm of City Chapel in Arlington, Texas, developed with the sole intent of sharing the Good News and love of Jesus Christ to people and communities around the world through prayer, servantship, spiritual development and mobilization of the saints. Our primary vision can be found in the acronym, “PATM,” which stands for praying for renewal of churches and communities, assisting the poor and suffering, training Kingdom disciples, and mobilizing believers – all to the advancement of the Kingdom of God. We believe that these four elements are essential in fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus Christ, which is to go and make disciples of all nations.


Through our various ministry initiatives under People are the Mission, we aim to both strengthen believers and win new hearts for the Kingdom of God through fervent prayer and sharing in the hope, love and light we have in Jesus. Our focus on assisting the poor and suffering includes providing relief and aid to those in need, as well as working towards long-term solutions to help lift people out of poverty.


Equipping and training leaders is crucial in ensuring that the message of Christ is effectively shared and applied in all areas of society. We offer various leadership development programs, resources, and mentorship opportunities to help empower individuals to lead with integrity, compassion, and excellence. In addition, we aim to mobilize Christians to actively engage in sharing the love of Christ with others through evangelism, service and outreach initiatives.


At People are the Mission, we firmly believe that every person is valuable and loved by God, and we are committed to sharing this message through both our words and arms of the ministry. Join us as we seek to ignite lasting, positive change in the world, bring hope to those in need and spread the Good News to the ends of the earth.

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Our Ministries

Feed the City
Food Ministry

Use this space to tell people more about what you do or a featured service.


Use this space to tell people more about what you do or a featured service.


Use this space to tell people more about what you do or a featured service.

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You can become an advocate for those we serve in our local community and around the world by generously giving to this ministry. You can choose to donate a one-time gift or sign up for recurring payments via Zelle at


Thank you for your support and generosity. It's because of people like you that through this ministry, people are truly able to be our mission.

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 4015 W I-20 Frontage Road

Arlington, TX 76017


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