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A Letter from the Founder: Why We Launched Our New DFW Nonprofit, People are the Mission

Growing up as an unsaved young person in Dallas, I witnessed firsthand the devastating effects of sin and separation from God on a family. However, my life took a dramatic turn when a Christian leader visited my neighborhood and shared the gospel with me. It was on a street corner near my home that I experienced a profound spiritual transformation and was born again.

This encounter had a ripple effect on my family, as the preacher returned a few days later to bring my and Bible and led my parents to the Lord. The power of the Gospel, combined with this man's simple act of kindness, brought salvation and transformation to my family.

DFW Nonprofit People are the Mission Launches Sept. 24, 2023 in Arlington, TX.
Founder Pastor Bob Moya and team launch new DFW Nonprofit, People are the Mission.

Years later, as I visited various churches, I began to notice a common struggle: many churches found it challenging to connect with and reach out to families like mine. One significant obstacle was the difficulty many church leaders faced in bridging the gap between the church and the surrounding community. This divide led to a growing sense of distrust toward the church within these communities and a diminishing commitment to the Great Commission among congregants.

After over 20 years of pastoring in the DFW area, I have come to two important convictions. Firstly, I believe that God's people are eager and desperate to engage in His work. Many Christians have a deep desire to reach the lost and hurting in their communities, but they often lacked the opportunities and training to do so effectively. Secondly, I believe that many people within the communities surrounding churches are receptive to the gospel when it is presented to them in a meaningful and accessible way.

These convictions led to the birth of "People are the Mission," a ministry aimed at assisting churches in building bridges with their communities through good works and good news. I firmly believe that our work through this new DFW nonprofit and ministry can rekindle the passion of God's people for the Great Commission, ultimately resulting in a resurgence of stories of salvation and testimonies of transformation, like mine!

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So well written! I'm so excited to see what the Lord chooses to do with this ministry!

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